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Lightweight Heated Vest

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        During the winter season, the temperature always gets below our normal body temperature and we need thick sweaters and jackets to survive the cold weather. But putting on many clothes does not entirely end the cold. Stay warm doing the outdoor activities you love with this Lightweight Heated Vest. Whether you are hitting the slopes, hiking, backpacking, hunting, fishing, or just spending an evening out, this vest will keep you warm with the simple push of a button.

        • This vest was made specifically to restore your body’s vitality, relieve any muscle pain, and promote blood circulation while keeping your body warm and cozy.
        • Heating system with 4 carbon fiber heating elements generating heat across collar and mid-back for core-body warmth. 3 available heating settings can be adjusted with just a simple press of the button.
        • With a built-in USB port that can be connected to a power bank. 
        • Made of soft skin-friendly material which ensures a smooth and comfortable touch feeling. Perfect for the daily commute, and any other outdoor activities you love.
        • Durable fabric and carbon fiber heating elements are completely safe for hand and machine washing. The heating elements and jacket construction are designed to endure 50+machine wash cycles. 
        • Unisex design looks great on men and women and makes a one of a kind gift idea.

        Note 1: This can be used with any portable charger. This offer doesn't come with one.  

        Note 2: Please take extra care when taking measurements and refer to the sizing chart for optimal fit.