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Lift It Up™ Breast Enhancement Patches

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Lift and firm breast instantly

Saggy breasts can't be prevented because of some instances like aging, gravity, weight gain or loss, and even breastfeeding. However, here is the life and time savior.

Lift It Up™ Breast Enhancement Patches offers instant lifting for the breasts and reshapes breast tissue to raise the breasts. With collagen filling and ultra-lifting formula, it improves boob bounciness and skin elasticity.

Enriched with anti-aging actives and nourishing hydrators, it delivers full smoothness against wrinkles and results in a bouncy and youthful breasts shape!


  • Support and moisturize breast – The patches help support breasts for achieving naturally fuller,firmer and perky breasts. It will not only enlarge and lift up the breasts but also hydrate and moisturize breasts, making the breasts firm, full, tender and soft.

  • Rebuild shape – Enlarge and lift up breasts without breast enlargement surgery, safer and more practical. Shape the attractive breast shape and also improve the chest problems such as flatness, small, sag, roughness and spread.

  • Fast result – Visible and fast result and permanent improvement with continual use.

  • Safe to use – The patch with natural plants extract, provides several nutrients that not only accelerate the growth of the breast, but also strengthen the breast. Without synthetic additives, preservatives, colorants, safe to use.


1) Remove the protective film and place on breasts
2) Wait for 15-30 minutes then remove
3) Massage the essence left until fully absorbed


  • Use daily as an intensive treatment, or as often as needed for an instant boost