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Reusable Cable Ties, Reusable Zip Ties

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Reusable Cable Ties, Reusable Zip Ties

  • RELEASABLE ZIP TIES HEAVY DUTY- It is a kind of Releasable Zip Ties, durable and reusable, and it is more flexible and convenient to bundle, It is much better Traditional cables than plastic cable ties and you don't need to trim it, The cable wrap opens and closes easily and quickly.
  • CABLE ORGANIZER - professional heavy duty cable ties' tensile strength is 121LBS(45-55KG), durable and reliable; These cord fastening cable ties help keep all kinds of cables tidy, no tangling cables. Unlike other cheaply-made ties that hook easily peels apart from fabric, our Cord Cable Ties use advanced engineering are completely free of this problem.
  • CABLE TIES PARAMETERS-100 Packs Reusable cable Zip ties, L: 11.8 inches/300mm, W:7.8mm/0.3inch, T: 1.3 mm (0.06 inches) Material type: PA66, UL listed, ROSH listed; nylon cable ties use the latest PA66 nylon material, our heavy duty cable ties can withstand temperatures ranging from 10F to 180F(-10℃ to 80℃), flammability rating being 94V-2, UV Resistant;
  • Widely Uses ZIP TIES- No Tangling Cables, Apply them on your home, office, studio wires, and cords, help keep them tidy. Our wire ties can be used to tie up speaker cables, guitar cables, TV cables, computer cables, microphone mic, electronics, and much more. This size Releasable Zip Tie 12Inch can meet the different needs of your daily life.
  • NO PEELING OFF - Unlike many cheaply made ties on the market that the hook easily peels apart from the fabric under stress, due to advanced engineering cable ties are completely free of this problem, ensuring they truly reusable.
  • ONE SIZE FOR ALL - Perfect length for managing headphones, charging cables, home/office/studio wires, cables, cords, and more. For extra-large cables or special circumstances, simply combine multiple ties together. Or get creative with your ties as a means of dealing with plant/flower bundles and keeping your loose items organized.
  • SIMPLE TO USE - Self-gripping and firm, while easy to open and wrap. The eye hole and tapered design allow you to not only achieve a more secure wrap but also firmly combine multiple ties together for bigger jobs.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY -cable ties have been put through multiple durability tests to ensure the strength of their flexible and versatile nylon hook and fabric construction.
  • SUPER VALUE - A pack of 125 cable ties in 8 inches: green, red, blue, black, and yellow.

    Makeshift Shoe Laces

    If anything ever happens to your shoelaces, you can use zip ties to secure your shoes in their stead.

    If your shoes move around your feet too much while hiking, it can cause blistering and bruises.

    So it’s important that your shoes or boots stay secured.


    Can’t keep the kids out of the cabinets?

    Zip ties are a cheap and easy fix!

    Secure a zip tie between two adjacent knobs or handles to keep the kids out of a cupboard.

    Plant Support

    Lenteich zip ties can be a great addition to the garden.

    Tall plants can be trained to stakes to help support them while they grow, just make sure not to tighten the zip tie which could strangle the plant.

    Leave plenty of slack in the zip tie after the loop has been closed, this will allow the plant to move while it grows but still benefits from the support the tie provides.

    Key Ring

    You can use a small zip tie as a key ring in a pinch. This can be especially helpful if you’re giving a few spare keys to a house- or pet-sitter when you go out of town.

    Just zip tie your spare house key, mailbox key, and any other important keys together so your sitter can easily keep track of them.

    Stop Tools Rolling Away

    Even though I try and stay organized while I work, I still end up with loads of tools on my workbench when I'm fixing things.

    Most times things stay where I place them, but when I've got screwdrivers and drill bits out sometimes things roll around and eventually off the table.

    To stop things rolling perfectly, I just use these tiny Lenitech zip ties.

    Bouquet Binder

    Use a zip tie to secure bouquets of flowers.

    This is a great tip for brides who opt to make their own bouquets.

    It’s also a great way to keep flowers together as a bundle if you’re displaying them in a slightly larger vase.

    Unique Eye hole design

    Perfect sizes for most cables, and able to be connected together for larger uses.

    No tangling cables

    Apply on your home/office/studio wires and cords, you will find them neatly organized. And with our color coding, it is so easy to tell which is which.

    Sort out your cables

    Tired of seeing your cables tangled? Our ties will sort them out! Try them during your travels, you will see how much easier it will make!

    The most versatile way to wrap, hang and organize nearly anything, indoors or outdoors with these durable ZipN Reusable Zip Ties.

    This makes it a lot easier to color-code wires, cords, cables, and

    other stuff for construction, networking, or home projects to prevent danger.

    When no longer needed, just press the pin for it to easily release.

    No more need for single-use zip ties, efficiently save money

    and lessen environmental wastes!

    Reusable Zip Ties

    Environmental friendly, the releasable design makes the zip ties reusable.

    The long clip allows your fingers to position well to easily press the lock head

    and release it for adjusting or removing the zip ties.

    Flexible and Super Heavy Duty

    Ultra-strong zip ties with tensile strength up to 50 pounds can be used

    to support heavy loads. It can also withstand a temperature range

    from -35°C up to 85°C. It's strong and flexible material makes it

    weather resistant and is durable enough for indoor or outdoor use.

    Safe, Simple, and Easy to Use

    Easy binding for daily use, just press the slipknot. The zip ties open

    and closes easily and quickly so you can add or remove cables.

    The round ends make it safe and do hurt your skin when using.

    It is non-toxic and does not smell.

    Perfect for Indoors and Outdoors

    The zip tie is with clear zippers and does not slip off. It is applicable

    for many uses like securing your bags, organizing electrical wires

    and PC/laptop cords, repair broken straps, etc. Great use in

    the office, home, garage, workshop, and more.

    Easy Organization

    Comes in 5 different colors. You can quickly identify wires and

    organize them accordingly. These bundling straps are ideal fasteners

    for any home improvement or outdoor gardening projects too.


    1 Set × ZipN Reusable Zip Ties (125 pcs)