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LED Runing Shoes Clip

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Exercise at night or in gloomy weather?

This LED Sports Shoe Light is designed to move with your feet creating a shifting light that is easily seen by motorists and other pedestrians. Our extensive testing has resulted in the 3 optimal LED colors Blue, Green & RGB. These colors are not the usual color that motorists see in front of them whilst driving. A moving Blue / Green or RGB in the distance will give plenty of warning & cause the motorist to take notice. 
It is quickly and easily clipped to the heel of the shoe or can be worn around the wrist.


  • A strong luminosity in the night.
  • Charging for super bright.
  • It is easy to clip on your shoe.
  • Night outdoor safety warning, keep you safe.
  • It is great for who likes jogging, hiking, biking and other night activities.
  • It is suitable for clipping on the arm, sports shoes, all kinds of mountain car.


  • Item Size:90x60x33mm
  • LED : 2pcs
  • Material: TPU
  • Color: Red, Blue, Green


  • 2 x LED Safety Shoe Clip