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LED Camping Tent Waterproof Rechargeable Light

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Multifunction 8 in 1 Camping Lantern 

A standard flashlight. A perfect partner for camping, hiking, cycling, backpacking, wild adventure, hurricanes, outages, storms, etc. 

FUNCTION 1-- Diving Grade Waterproof Standard

Even if you encounter underwater accidental splashing, you don't have to worry about it. It can also be used as an underwater photography fill light. The depth of use can reach about 3 meters underwater.

It can also float on the water surface without fear of losing.

FUNCTION 2-- Strong Flashlight

Strong flashlight, which can illuminate a distance of approximately 250 meters.

FUNCTION 3-- Camping Lanterns

The sidelights can illuminate a range of about 30 square meters, and outdoor camping is completely without worry. Mountain climbing, leading the way, reading books outdoors.

FUNCTION 4-- Mosquito Repellent Lamp

Mosquitoes are afraid of orange light with a wavelength of 380 nm. The human eye is beneficial to reduce fatigue. We made some of the light waves that the mosquitoes feared into the lamp, so it is very uncomfortable under the LED mosquito repellent lamp. It does not fly toward the mosquito repellent lamp.

FUNCTION 5-- Power Bank

Used as a power bank to charge your phone with built-in rechargeable 2600 mAH/5200mAH/7800mAH lithium battery.

Recharged when out of power to save money for buying extra batteries.

FUNCTION 6-- Warning Light

The sidelight can turn on the red + blue flash mode. In the outdoor, it can be used as an effective distress signal. It can also be used as a car warning light.

FUNCTION 7-- Strong Magnetic Lamp

A strong magnet is attached to the tail, which is easy to on the iron surface, a good helper for maintenance; Can also be used for machine tool repair.

FUNCTION 8-- Emergency Window Hammer

One Side of this light has extra-hard anodized-aluminum tactical design resists scratching and chipping, maintains a sleek look, and you can use it as a hammer in an emergency .