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Leather Repair Cream

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Revive Your Leather Items!


One swipe to renew your aging leather. This incredible repair cream solves all leather related problems in 10secs! This versatile cream fills scratches, remove stains, and bring shine+softness to the leather surface. Get an all-new product with no purchase by yourself! You no longer need to throw out an old beloved bag or buy a new expensive sofa. It saves the life of your expensive sofas, leather shoes, and brand name bags, and even car interior upholstery while bringing the glowing and soft texture. It also leaves a protective layer on your items, making it look new for a longer time! The Leather Repair Cream helps you save money and time by letting you restore the quality of leather items.



  • REPAIRS - Used to repair the damage of your leather items. It makes your leather sofa, car seats look shiny and soft again!
  • EASY AND QUICK - Apply the cream on the damaged area and massage it for 10 seconds for quick restoration.
  • PREVENT CRACKS - It can effectively protect and refurbish the cracks on the leather surface. It also creates a protective film to prevent leathers from cracking, fading, and discoloration.
  • LEATHER FRIENDLY - Made of vegetable oil, it doesn't produce irritative or harmful substances that hurt the leather.
  • USE ON ALL LEATHER TYPES - After applying, the leather forms a waterproof protective film. Perfect for furniture, couches, handbags, boots, and more.


  • Clean the damaged leather
  • Apply the Leather Restoration Cream to the area and let it dry
  • Leave it to dry. You may also use a blow dryer for faster drying.
  • If there are still damaged spots left, repeat the process until the leather is fully restored.



  • Material Type: Cream



  • 1 x Leather Repair Cream