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iPhone Infrangible Tempered Glass

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The FIRST EVER jaw-dropping hammer-tested screen protector!

iPhone Infrangible Tempered Glass specially-designed shock-damping material is able to take at least 5 times the impact energy of competitor brands. It is built tough to keep the face of the phone safe against drops, scratches, and dirt. 

Other than unbreakable, iPhone Infrangible Tempered Glass comes with an added features.It designed to stop people from peeking at your phone. The screen protector is made of anti-glare tempered glass and is tinted for extra privacy. It's perfect for keeping your texts, emails, and notes private.


  • Beyond Protection: Comes with shock dissipative function that againsts shock and pressure damage
  • Sensitive Touch: The resilient and slender tempered glass will not add any bulk to phone, and is light enough to retain the original touch screen sensitivity
  • Exceptionally Clear: Specially coated and designed to accentuate the image on phone  from all angles. Never have to worry about any adhesive residue, or fingerprints effecting the clarity of your screen
  • Flawless Installation: Simply align the tempered glass and stick the screen protector to your phone without any mess and fuss
  • 100% Privacy Protection: High quality privacy film in portrait viewing modes. Screen is only visible to persons directly in front of screen

    Ultimate strong and durable materials, you'll never have to worry about ruining the screen of your phone if you accidentally bump or drop it in your active life.

    Package Included: 1 x iPhone Infrangible Tempered Glass