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InviLift™ Freedom Patchy Bra

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The invisible bra that gives
perfect lift, shape, and support

InviLift™ in a strapless design with bunny design offers just the right amount of lift and support creating a totally natural look, keeps the girls in place, up high and perky.

This ultra-adhesive bra supports the girls securely just like push-up underwire bras but way comfortable. Using medical-grade silicone with nipples cover, it adheres and lifts the girls forward and together for a perkier and firmer shape.

Best of all, the unique rabbit ears shape gives the exact coverage while lifting the girls to rock low neck blouse, strapless dress, and other low-cut outfits.


How to use:
1.Cut the tape to the desired size. Peel off protective film.
2.Place the cup of the invisible bra to the girls, smooth into position.
3.Pull the top of the exposed adhesive.
4.Once the desired lift is achieved, secure bra to the skin.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Bra Style: Adhesive Bra
  • Color: Black, Beige, Brown Leopard, White Leopard, Floral