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Inkless Baby Handprint & Footprint Memories Souvenir

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Capture Precious Memories With Your Little One

Taking the foot prints or hand prints had never been so easy. Something that had no ink, paint for newborn parents to had a perfect gift for baby shower and baby gift. Print out is permanent and can be digitally scanned for thank you cards, scrapbooking which is ideal mementos for your precious baby book.

Ink less, Save, Different Color

Product Feature:

  • Safety standard: Cute little one can leave their hand or foot imprint without touching their skin on the ink pad. It is safe and non toxic ink pad to focus on capturing moment that can last a lifetime.
  • Limitless possibilities: The size of this ink less hand print and footprint able to fit the baby infant, big kids or pet dog hand print and footprint. 
  • Long lasting Souvenir: Stamp their hand print or footprint to birth certificate, baby books or photos to keep it for long lasting memories. 
  • User Friendly: Just press once to reveal the greatest details for your baby's hand and feet easily. Smart ink less touch design guarantees where no direct between the ink pad and baby's skin. 

    Product Instruction: