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High Pressure Shower Head,High Flow Shower|Long Hose Shower|Handheld Shower

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High-Pressure Shower Head, High Flow Shower|Long Hose Shower|Handheld Shower

Power Shower boosts water pressure by 300%. Our showerhead is designed with patented micro-jets that amplify the flow of water, giving you the best shower imaginable.

What does a Power Shower feel like? It feels like standing under a warm waterfall. It feels like being in a torrential downpour. Just let the water massage your muscles and feel the stress wash away. 

Start enjoying a luxury hotel shower experience every day. Try it for 30 days and if you don’t like it, we'll return it for your money back.

Description :
  • 【High-pressure Showerhead】300 fine water outlets are not easy to be blocked, powerful pressurization, and the water output is 3 times larger than other showerheads. Excellent performance even at low water pressure, optimized for all water pressures, it will save you water.
  • 【Premium Quality】Its nozzle and bracket adopt high-quality materials and surface chrome plating technology. Which is strong, durable, stainless. It is not only beautiful and delicate but also lighter. If you hold the showerhead for a long time, your arms will not feel labored, and the child can hold it easily.
  • 【Metal Hose】The hose is made of copper joints and stainless steel pipe body, and the telephone line type crimp design is convenient for expansion and contraction, does not rust, and has a long service life. 150cm (4.9ft) length, which provides you with a larger shower area.
  • 【Self-adhesive Adjustable Bracket】The bracket does not require installation tools or drilling holes in the wall, paste and you can use it. It has a large paste area, can bear 5KG, not fall off, not move, not age. Is waterproof and high-temperature resistant, and can be used for a long time. Multiple-use angles can be adjusted up and down, suitable for people of different heights.
  • 【Easy to install】Working with all standard 1/2'' pipe threads, a self-adhesive shower bracket, can be used after sticking. It can be easily installed in the bathroom in a few minutes without the need for a handyman. Package content: Shower head+bracket+hose, the perfect shower kit provides you with a five-star experience shower spa service.

  •   300 ultra-fine water outlets produce a soft and dense water flow to wash your body, a very comfortable spa experience.
  •   Stylish and elegant appearance design, powerful function, is an indispensable good helper for bathing in the bathroom!

    How to use the self-adhesive of the shower holder?

    Clean up the wall

    Tear off the adhesive film

    Squeeze out the internal air


     A hot power shower increases blood circulation, relieves pain, and reduces inflammation.

    A cold power shower boosts metabolism, strengthens immunity, and releases endorphins. 


    Power Shower works by leveraging the Venturi effect. Simply put, water velocity increases when water is forced to flow through a constricted space.


    Imagine placing your thumb on a garden hose. The spray feels stronger and travels further. This is the Venturi effect at work.


    To maximize the Venturi effect, we designed Power Shower with 300 laser-drilled microjets. These jets amplify the flow of water, resulting in a seriously powerful shower.


    Have you ever been to a luxury hotel or spa and been blown away by the showers’ water pressure?


    If you answered yes, then Power Shower is perfect for you. It gives you a luxury shower experience from the comfort of your own home. 

    Aside from boosting water pressure, it also looks great. The minimalist design and chrome finish will enhance the look and feel of any modern bathroom.


    -   Boosts Water Pressure By 300%
    -   Relaxes Sore Muscles
    -   Saves Time Rinsing Off Soap
    -   Tool-Free Installation
    -   Enhances Look Of Any Bathroom

    Shower hose installation steps:

    Left: receiving shower. Right: water outlet

    Spacers are needed at both ends

    Just screw on the showerhead