HourGlass Dream™
HourGlass Dream™
HourGlass Dream™
HourGlass Dream™
HourGlass Dream™
HourGlass Dream™
HourGlass Dream™
HourGlass Dream™
HourGlass Dream™
HourGlass Dream™
HourGlass Dream™
HourGlass Dream™
HourGlass Dream™
HourGlass Dream™

HourGlass Dream™

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Worry No More! A Waist Trainer that's Perfect For You!

When it comes to waist training, latex gets the job done. HourGlass Dream™ style waist slimmer dramatically slims the midsection and can be a part of your regular waist training regimen. Whether you wear it daily or for special occasion, this cincher helps you dress to impress.

With HourGlass Dream™, we present one of the most elastic waist trainer in the market that allows your waistline to shrink up to 7 inches instantly and most importantly without giving up on comfort. It's one of the biggest hidden secrets behind influencers or celebrities perfect look.

HourGlass Dream™ Results:

✅ Slimmed midsection
✅ Lifted fuller looking bust
✅ All torso shaping
✅ Visibly reduced waistline. Look 1, 2, even 3 sizes thinner.
✅ Improved, more confident posture
✅Maximum heat-stimulating power to enhance workouts


6 Benefits of HourGlass Dream™ :

💖 Flattens Belly
💖 Reduce Waist Size
💖 Correct Body Posture
💖 Eliminate Back Pain
💖 Works For New Moms
💖 Reduce Cellulite Visibility


  • Ultra-Stretch Material: The chosen material for HourGlass Dream™ is the game changer and main difference from any other similar products in the market today. It is made with Japanese Synthetic Fiber Material that processed with the lasted Germany Technology
  • 6 Hooks Technology: Comes with 6 adjustable hooks for extra flexibility when wearing it. The hooks allow everyone to adjust the tightness level for maximum comfort
  • 4 Steel Bones: Equipped with 4 solid steel bones. These steel bones is beneficial for supporting and fixing bad posture hence enhancing the overall look
  • Power Compression: Specially features an "Extra Strength" compression that locks everything on the belly and waist area. Get that smooth and slim hourglass look with any outfit with ease
  • Anti Bacteria: The fabrics of HourGlass Dream™ come with anti-bacterial feature that works effectively to control bacteria and microbes. Free of possible irritation or itch even wearing it for hours daily
HourGlass Dream™ Size Chart:
     Size  Waistline ( inch/cm ) Height ( inch/cm )
    S 24-27 inch / 62-69 cm
    10 inch / 25 cm
    M 27-30 inch / 69-75 cm  10 inch / 25 cm
    L 30-33 inch / 75-83 cm 10 inch / 25 cm
    XL 33-35 inch / 83-89 cm  10 inch / 25 cm
    XXL 35-37 inch / 89-95 cm 10 inch / 25 cm
    3XL 37-39 inch / 95-100 cm 10 inch / 25 cm

    Drop up to 3 inches from your waistline as soon as you put on our HourGlass Dream™. It instantly sculpts your figure, dramatically slims your midsection and enhances your natural curves. Keeping your hourglass shape in check, while also resulting in a straighter, more confident posture.