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Heavy Furniture Roller Moving Tool

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Fastest And Safest Way To Move Furniture!

Have you ever hurt yourself trying to move heavy furniture? Are you tired of doing it on your own?

This Heavy Furniture Roller Moving Tool is specially designed to help you move even the heaviest of furniture with ease. Never again worry about getting hurt while you are lifting and moving furniture around your home. The first of its kind, the Easy Furniture Mover Set is the ideal tool to use for any situation. It even works on Carpet! 

It’s equipped with a durable lifter that can lift over 150 kg (330 lbs)!. Made with premium steel and PVC handle for anti-slip capacity. The set also features 4 pieces of wheel rollers made of ABS plastic. Making moving anything heavy a breeze.


Equipped with 360° adjustable and rotatable pads which comfort to the legs of the furniture or appliances. Super easy to use and install. No need to carry heavy objects by and.

Is it safe to use?

When moving heavy objects safety has to be taken into consideration. This moving set can keep your back and arms safe from injury!

How to use it?

1. Simply put the lifter under the furniture and carefully lift it up using the handle.

2. Once lifted to the max height, insert the wheel rollers into the 4 corners of the object.

3. With that setup, you can now freely and easily push and move them around.

This is suitable for your sofa, drawer, dresser, bookcase, tables, bed, piano, refrigerator, and any household objects!


  • Materials: Steel, PVC, ABS
  • Lifter Size: 80 mm x 350 mm
  • Roller Size: 75 mm x 100 mm

Package Includes:

  • 1 Lifter
  • 4 Wheel Rollers