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Mini Drone Flying UFO,Hand Drones Ball Drone Toy|Drone for Kid

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Mini Drone Flying UFO, Hand Drones|Ball Drone Toy|Drone for Kid

  • Newest Dual-Mode Drone: Don't be surprised. This is a drone that children can professionally control. Equity with Newest Tech, “Small Somatosensory remote control” replaces the Traditional “Huge” remote control. Your “Harry Potter” wave a magic finger or palm sensing, UFO drone can shuttle back and forth in the living room-acceleration, Your Child will be immersed in the magical world only !!!
  • Auto-Sensing & Auto-Hovering: UFO-shaped drone uses advanced infrared sensor technology and has 5 infrared sensor probes. When you are ready to grab it, it is sensitive enough to avoid your hands! The drone has a nifty feature where it automatically holds its height for you. That means you can focus on flying it where you want it to go without the worry of out of range or hitting the floor!
  • EASY TO PLAY: The UFO flying toy is easy to operate. Toss the drone gently in the air, it will hover around your kids. You can easily control the drone to complete various flight actions through a palm proximity sensor or remote control, so easy to control even for boys and girls 3 years old.
  • Safe & Durable: We Put Child safety first, Our Drone Made of environmentally friendly ABS materials, BPA Free. It is Durable enough to defend against falls from the highway when lacking electricity. It will not deform even if it is squeezed or dropped. The safety cage keeps little fingers away from the wing blades
  • What do you get: Lifetime Service, One Drone, One Somatosensory remote control, One USB Charging Cable, One Screwdriver, Two Extra Wing. 

How can I start it?

To launch, simply toss this hands-free drone in the air and it will soar. Make a gesture in front of the hand-controlled drone and see it react to the obstacle and change direction.


Thanks to the four powerful engines, your flying ball can rotate in 360 degrees automatically. Fun drone for toddles.

How to charge

It can be used for 5-6 minutes when fully charged. If the drone flashes red, it indicates that the battery is low. Charging time is 40 minutes with the supplied USB cable. Please note that the battery is not replaceable.

How to operate

Turn On the power, and if you let go, the drone will take off automatically. It will hover for a while. You can push it in any direction with your hand because it has high infrared sensitivity for avoiding objects. Multiple players can join the game! Catch the aircraft by hand and turn it over to stop flying, then turn Off the power

How to replace the propeller

Use a screwdriver to open the cover and install it according to A-A, B-B (as shown). Four spare blades and a screwdriver are included in the package.

360° FLIPS

Place your hands on both sides of this flying ball drone, when the lights start blinking rapidly, it to see the LED drone perform a 360° flip!

Intelligent flight

Your palm is close to the sensing point of the drone, the drone will fly away and sense freely. The drone can also avoid obstacles intelligently

How can I stop it?

Grab and flip it over to stop flying.


  1. Indoor use only!
  2. Do not use the product under high winds and strong lights.
  3. Do not operate the product in a narrow or cluttered environment.
  4. Do not put any heavy objects directly on the aircraft.
  5. The battery for the drone is not replaceable.

Included in Your Order:

  • UFO Drone x 1
  • USB Charging Cable x 1
  • Spare Blades x 4
  • Screwdriver x 1
  • User Manual x 1