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Hand Held Toilet Bidet Sprayer 59 Hose

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ūüĆīBidet Sprayer¬†Saving you money¬†&¬†Giving you a healthier, all-natural alternative that is better for you, your family & the environment.
‚ö°¬† Dual Spray Models¬†&¬†Adjustable Water Pressure¬†provide¬†An Easier, More Customizable Bidet Wash Experience!ūüíĖ
Main Features
‚󏬆 ¬†Dual spray setting-jet and soft for choice¬†provides a soothing, cleansing, sanitary wash with the press of a button.

‚󏬆 ¬†Multiple Uses: As bidet attachment, cloth diaper sprayer, toilet jet for rinsing & cleaning, as a personal hygiene bidet, toilet wash and more. ūüĆąIdeal for injured or reduced mobility people, elderly, pregnant women useūü§Ī

‚󏬆 ¬†The sprayer is made of heavy-duty ABS polymers which is leak-free and resistant to high pressure and avoids blasting.¬†

‚󏬆 ¬†Easy installation. Frustration-free to finish installation in a few minutes, no plumbers required and no difficult tools needed, only DIY tools are enough. And we have a special manual to explain the installation steps.

‚󏬆 ¬†Universal 59 inches Hose. which is suitable for common shower, faucet and toilet interface.

‚󏬆 ¬†Pays For Itself & Saves You Money - The average person spends over 90 dollars a year on toilet paper. A family of 4 can use over 350 dollars a year. Using Hand-Held Bidet and rinsing with fresh running water reduces toilet paper use by 90%.

-   Material:  Stainless steel 
-   Finish: electroplate
-   Installation type: wall-mounted /toilet tank mounted
-¬† ¬†The length of hose: 1.5mÔľą59 inchesÔľČ

Package Contents
1   x   Bidet Sprayer
1  x   59 inches Stainless steel hose
1  x   Hanger 
1  x  Holder Bracket
2  x  Screw