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Haircuts Trim Guide

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You Are Your Own Hair Stylish

A set of tools that let you achieve a clean perfect cut each time you are trimming your bangs, fringe, creating layers or simply maintaining a haircut. It can helps you properly secure the tools before cutting your hair. Good choice for home using,works well for women's, men's and children's hair!

Trim & Cut Your Own Hair

Product Feature:

  • Suitable for everyone: Made for kids, men and women to cut and maintaining their hairstyle between cuts
  • Designed for all kind of hair styles: Cut your hairstyle into different type of styles you like such as layered, bob cuts, bangs, fringe and others.
  • Easy to use: Built-in combing teeth and lock allow you to clip, slide and cut the hair in minutes. 

  • Alternative way to salon: Why pay more to cut your hair? You can save time and money from expensive and lengthy salon visits.
  • Do it yourself: Be your own hair stylist and practice to use as how professional cuts because it contain rotating level for balanced and professional looking cuts every time.