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GloCaps™ LED Wheel Lights

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Riding around at night can be dangerous without proper lighting on your bicycle.

That's why we created GloCaps™ - With bicycle valve light, you will be seen more easily by vehicles when you are riding at night. These lights help to improve safety with your increased visibility. The range of light illumination can be seen over 2500 feet away, which makes you way more visible while on the road.

It's also one of the best products for all car and motorcycle enthusiasts. These Premium LED Wheel Lights are the perfect addition to your car, bike, or motorcycle. This product is so easy to install. The motion-activated lights automatically turn on when the vehicle moves. Simply screw it on to the tire valve to install it, and enjoy the super-bright, long lifespan of our GloCaps™ LED bulbs.

  • Single Induction Vibration Function - The GloCaps™ LED wheel light is activated by motion, lights turn on when moving; off when stopped. The LED value bike light is a single induction vibration type, lights are extra bright when the wheel is turning.

  • Safety - Our bicycle lights increase the night time and inclement weather visibility to ensure riders' safety. This bicycle wheel light is a perfect way to enhance your safety when you are riding in the dark.

  • Waterproof - GloCaps™ LED lights have been waterproof tested to the MAX. You don’t need to worry about the lights getting damaged when riding on rainy days, these are suitable for the weather. They are not designed to be submerged.

  • Easy to Install - They can be easily installed and removed as the pictures show, just remove your original type value cap, and put on the GloCaps™ LED lights. You can mount on your bike, motorcycle, and car in a few seconds.

  • Color Options: red, blue, yellow, green
  • Battery: 3 AG10 button battery 
  • Fits: bicycle, motorcycle, vehicle, ATV, dirt bike, street bike

GloCaps Color Options

Low Battery? No problem. We designed the GloCaps™ to use the same battery as a standard watch or key fob remote.
Step by Step Installation Instructions


  1. The battery must be positive down when installing, Do not remove the insulating plastic sheet inside the lamp case, which is used to prevent short-circuiting of the battery and the lamp shell.


Package Includes: 4x LED GloCap Wheel Lights