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Universal Magnetic Phone Mount

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Amazing Magnetic force
Four-piece-magnet provides an intensive force of attraction which helps your phone stop swaying or falling. The magnetic force is strong, but not difficult to separate and no communication interference.

Strong 3M Mount Design
Super strong 3M adhesive helps the mount steady enough to stay attached to the dashboard and protects your device from swinging up and down no matter how bumpy the road is.

Special Protection Concern
Two protection films are extra for your installation which protects your phones from adhesive residue and makes it easier to remove the plate when you need. The additional film, particular concern.

Highly Compatible
1. Phone model: Almost be compatible with all smart phones.No matter how heavy it is as long as the metal plate is in the right place, but not curved backing phone.
2.Car model: Suitable for all of the car model. Find a flat area of the dashboard and use the alcohol to clean the polished wax thoroughly before adhere the mount.

1.Use the alcohol prep pad to wipe off the 【polished wax】 thoroughly before adhering the mount.
2.Do not put your phone on the mount until 【15 minutes later】to make sure it will stick to the dashboard steadily.
3. A 【thick phone case】 may significantly weaken the magnetic force. Please adhere the metal plate directly to the back of your case and use it right above the mount.
4. The round metal plate would interfere with wireless charging and NFC function (like Samsung pay). Remove the metal plate before using these functions.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
3-Year Warranty
Life-time Technical Supports

Package Included
1 x GETIHU Dashboard Magnetic Mount
2 x Metal Plate
2 x Protection Film
2 x Extra 3M adhesive
1 x Alcohol Prep Pad
1 x User Manual