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Functional Ceramic Knife Set

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High Quality Ceramic Knife Set

Perfect For Well Equipped Kitchen

Product Feature:

  • Cutting: Suitable for fish, fruits, vegetables, meat, bread and baby food. A set of cutting tools includes of ceramic knife, cutting board, and peeler with nice handle grip.
  • Sharp: Hard and sharp ceramic razor blades are nonporous, nonstick, no odor absorbing, anti-bacterial,no chemical leakage, no rust, and they are lighter than traditional kitchen knives.


Ceramic Knife Are Well Known For Hardness

  • Care: Hand wash and dishwasher safety recommencedStay sharp for many years with proper treatment. Easy to clean with water and easy to maintain. Try to avoid it from heat.


Peeler With Hole Slots


  • Durable and long lasting: Prides itself on its durability and strength allows anyone to dice, chop, slice effortlessly. Durability saving you a trip to the store in the nearest future after owning this Functional Ceramic Knife Set.