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14 Day Eyebrow Tattoo Tint

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A game-changing peel-off feel for you to fill your eyebrow that able to lasts for 14 day. 14 Day Eyebrow Tattoo Tint provides you a perfect eyebrow in thick, waterproof, and last longer in days.

Apply to your brow to create your desired shape and peel off easily. Tint your brow effortlessly because this product can fit your look and easy to use. You can reveal and show your desired eyebrow to party! 


  • Water resistance moisturizing liquid to luster the eyebrow.
  • Available in three colors which is long lasting color.
  • The flat brush which is soft and easy to control for eyebrow shaping.
  • Daub evenly on the eyebrows, waiting for two hours then start tearing and tearing within 24 hours after washing a face to avoid brow.

How To Use:

  1. Apply Thick application by using the brush to carefully shape desire eyebrow. 
  2. Fill in: Set your eyebrow and leave it 20 minutes to 2 hours for long-lasting effects up to 14 days. 
  3. Peel Off: Peel it off slowly starts from inner corners of your brows. 
  4. Reveal: You can see the impact of the long-lasting results which can last up to 14 days.