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Emergency Anti Skid Universal Tire Strap

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Emergency Anti Skid Universal Tire Strap is in a pack of 2. These pair offers excellent results even in the hottest and coldest climates. Witness the perfect result of using this during bad weather conditions like snow, mud or ice. The straps can increases the friction between car and road. Make sure the straps closely fits the tires without gaps so that it is safe for driving. 
  • Increase friction in the road with the rough surface. 
  • Anti Skid design for automotive safety.
  • Adjustable straps which is easy to use and versatile.
  • Ensure the car tire from slippage and maintain stable driving. 
  • Applicable to all kind of tires for universal use.
  • Effective in the snow and muddy road conditions. 


  • Color: black + orange
  • Material: rubber + nylon
  • Nylon strap length: 104 CM