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Elegant Smart Electric Automatic Drink Dispenser

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The aerator can let air break through the surface of red wine and let red wine release more flavor molecules.

The aerator can bring more oxygen into the red wine bottle, and let red wine contact with oxygen fully.

The red light has a long wavelength, which has strong penetrability to red wine. Thus, the aerator can promote red wine oxidation.

The magnet design makes the tannins in the red wine mellower."

Specifications: Height: 16.5cm. Width: 11.5cm. Diameter: 6cm. Hose size: 27.5cm. Material: ABS+food silicone

Packing size: 13*7.5*20CM

Battery specification: Lithium battery-18650 3.7V 1800mAh

Power: 4W

Charging time: 3-4 hours to fully charge

Fully charged state: It can be used for filling air into 60-80 bottles of 750ml red wine.