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Electric Head Massager

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1. Built-in music player, when you massage, you can also listen to music, wholeheartedly relaxed.
2.Adjustable size, according to your own head circumference, to adjust.
3.Remote control, easy and safe, vibration massage, air pressure massage, far infrared hot massage mode can choose.
4.You can massage whether you're at the office or home, or traveling.
1.Relief fatigue aches, headache, work fatigue, improve sleep, improve memory, neck pain, relieve brain fatigue.
2.Teenagers, give them a good sleep, stimulate learning potential, to prevent myopia from deepening.
3.It takes only 15 minutes a day, reduces work pressure, eases the head fatigue, and keeps the brain keen, relaxation nerve.
4.To the elderly, pain relief, reduce eye fatigue, relax the nerve, to promote sleep.
Applicable people: Teenagers, Middle-aged and elderly people
Package Included:
1 X Head Massage
1 X Adapter Plug