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EasyOff™ Hair Removal Care

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Live more spontaneous moments with an easy wipe!

The constant annoy of ingrown hairs has made everyone break up with shaving, but with EasyOff™ Hair Removal Care, there is no strand can escape from being wipe away!  Our products can solve more than one issue at once, which is why we love EasyOff™ Hair Removal Care so much.

Features :

Razorless Shaving

Instantly removes unwanted hair without razors or blades! It breaks down the structure of hair fibers by using active ingredients so that the hair can be wiped away easily and smoothly.

Minimize Ingrown Hair, Bumps and Breakouts

Reduce ingrown hair, minimize bumps and breakouts caused by irritation from shaving as well as inhibit hair growth.

Easy, Fast and Effective

Effectively yet gently removes even stubborn hair in a flash without causing any messiness. What we need to do is just, simply apply, wait, and wipe away hair with a towel.

Gentle, Hydrating and Soothing

Provide a hydrating and soothing action with extra nourishment & softening result. Naturally-derived ingredients that are gentle enough for all with causing any irritation.

Wide Applications and Suitable For All

The best option for removing hair on excess back, chest, legs, armpit or hair around private areas.

How To Use : 

**Do not exceed 15 minutes total application time.**

Specifications : 

Ingredients : 

Hair Removal Cream - Ammonium Thioglycolate, Squalane, Natural Coconut Oil

Soothing Milk - Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Hyaluronic Acid

Net Weight : 100g / 50g

Shelf Life : 3 Years