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Easy Reach Grabber Stick

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There are times we wish we had longer hands or taller than we are. This wish is often triggered by certain situations such as when we’re trying to reach a very high place or trying to grip something across the table, counter, sofa, cabinet, drawer, or wherever it is located without having to move an inch. Well, our wish just came to pass, only in an unexpected way. Let me introduce to you the Easy Reach Grabber Stick – the perfect answer to these yearnings and wishes.

It is a fact that those who are very tall find it laborious to have to bend and pick small objects from the floor; it is simply back-straining and tasking! Having to constantly bend in order to pick up items from the floor could cause back pain and sore neck. This is why the Easy Reach Grabber Stick is very handy for tall people also.

Whether you’re tall, average or short, the Easy Reach Grabber Stick would become a functional companion which you’ll love so much. Horizontal or Vertical, Upwards, Sideways or Downwards, this grabber stick affords you the opportunity to pick up things in and from any direction.

The Easy Reach Grabber Stick is particularly useful for people with spinal problems, back pain, mobility problems such as wheelchairs and those who are just too lazy to stand up or walk over to where the object is located. It is also ideal to pick up items that you wouldn’t want your hands to come in contact with. These could include trash from trash cans, toxic substances, pet poops from lawns or foul-smelling, hand-contaminating items.

Do you work in a warehouse or a store where goods are stacked high to the roof? The Easy Reach Grabber Stick would then come in very handy. You can use it to pick items from the top shelf without the risk of falling and breaking a leg when you climb ladders. Even at home, it can be used at the kitchen to pick up sauce bottles and jars from shelves and cabinets. At the dining table, it can be used to pick up and pass across plates and sauce without requiring help.

The grabber stick comes with rubber padded grip which ensures that your objects are firmly but safely gripped. Hence, you can use it to grab sensitive, glassy items like your phone that is 26 inches far away. Pick up glass cups, coffee mugs, and likes safely.


  • The gripping claw can rotate 900 for an effective pickup
  • It can extend for as long as 26 extra inches
  • It has padded grip/claw to protect delicate items
  • Rust Proof
  • Comfy, User-Friendly Ergonomic Handle
  • Multi-Functional
  • Multi-Directional Pick-Up

Material: The Easy Reach Grabber Stick shaft is made from super-strong aluminum while the control wire is made from Durable Steel Cable.

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