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Easy Clip-On Pot Strainer

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Having a free hand in the kitchen makes all the difference and now you can free one up with the world’s smallest, lightest and most convenient strainer. The Easy Pot Strainer definitely takes away the pain of straining!

Just fit the Easy Pot Strainer to any size of skillet, pot, pan, wok or bowl and easily strain your pasta and meat or rinse your fruits and veggies. Unlike other bulky strainers, it’s less than half the size and won’t take up valuable cabinet space


  • Safe and durable: made from top-quality silicone, having the durability to last for many years.
  • Ultimate universal: can be easily attached to nearly all size pots, pans, and bowls, no matter if it is big or small.
  • Nothing wasted: ensure only extra water or liquid will be strained out, and your food will stay in your container.
  • Stay in place: strong-grip clip will keep the colander in place even when straining heavy foods.


  • Allow you to grip the pot or pan with both hands while straining, eliminating awkward spills.
  • Free up your hand and let you stabilize the pot with both hands.
  • It does not take up a lot of space and is easy to store.