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Drink Saver

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Say hello to the brilliant innovation called the Drink Saver. Now your effervescent drink can be enjoyed in their effervescent state.

Our Drink Saver allows you to get the most value to your money by draining each container to the last drop. It also makes dispensing of drinks faster and easier. This portable device is portable enough and great for a picnic and other events.


  • Keeps Drink Carbonated:
    dispenses just the right amount of drink you need per time.
  • Easy to Use:
    a simple twist is all that is needed. Plastic should be 1 or 2 liters maximum.
  • Nonslip bottom:
    leakproof design, safe to use 
  • Portable:
    Use Anywhere and Anytime. great for use in different places including the office, home, camping, entertaining and more.
  • High Quality:
    it is brand new and made from high-quality material.