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Double Roller V-shape Neck Cream

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Reduce And Prevent Neck Line Problem

The neglected neck line comes in daily life. These lines are actually wrinkles and can be caused by a host of factors from genetics to looking at the mobile phone.

Expert dermatologist Dr Hadi, founder of the Vivderma skincare line, explains: “Neck wrinkles happen as we age due to the loss of skin strength and elasticity." Fortunately, the market is abundantly blessed with some awesome neck cream. For example, Double Roller V-shape Neck Cream can help reduce the neck line, soothes and nourishes skin. 

With the special double roller design, it is more efficient to massage neck. There is V-type double wheel which can 360° massage neck, evenly promote absorption of nutrients and stimulate lymphatic circulation.
1 massage
of v-double roller is equal to 60 hand massages.


  • Moisturizing, whitening and reduce neck line - Richly textured wrinkle cream is fast-absorbing and deeply nourishing for moisturized skin and improved appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Smooth and tender skin, improve the unevenness of the neck skin, make the neck skin delicate and fair.
  • Double roller design - with good massage effect, accelerates the absorption of nutrients. It is more efficient compared than massage neck by using hand. There is V-type double wheel which is 360° massage neck, evenly promote absorption of nutrients and help stimulate lymphatic circulation but manual massage is uneven force so the nutrient stay on the surface of skin and difficult to absorb.

  • Natural ingredients - help reduce wrinkles and lift skin providing immediate visible results. Safe to use and suitable for any skin type.
  • Easy and Fast Absorption - The product is light and delicate, easy to be absorbed by the skin. Soothes, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, and brings pleasant fragrance.


  • Net content: 120 g
  • Shelf Life: 3 years
  • Efficacy: moisturizing, smoothing, rejuvenating, lifting elasticity and reducing neck line

Package included:

1 X Double Roller V-shape Neck Cream