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Double Layer Reverse Umbrella

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There are days in summer in which the angry sun keeps scorching mercilessly without regard for age, gender, social class or whatever else, the sun scorches us all. There are times it doesn’t matter whether you have applied a sunscreen lotion or not, it doesn’t make a difference; whether you wear a sunshade or not, you will still get to feel the power of the sun. In such scenarios, the Double Layer Reverse Umbrellas is your guaranteed protection from the harmful, ultra-violet rays of the sun.

Its protective nature isn’t limited to hot, sunny summer days alone, it is also highly useful on rainy spring days. Spring often springs up surprises on us. It’s not every day we remember to check the weather. Many times, we simply plunge outdoors heading for our workplace without checking to see if the rain would fall. We would have gone a great distance or even gotten to the office before we remember we ought to have taken our umbrella along.

When you have the Double Layer Reverse Umbrellas close by, you wouldn’t have cause to be scared that it might rain at any moment. The umbrellas are so stylish, colorful and functional; it is a 3-in-1 package all for the cheapest price ever.

The Double Layer Reverse Umbrellas is made from a super tough unique material that ensures that your umbrella stays firm and continues to give you stylish comfort. Made from the best, toughest, Carbon Fiber, this super-strong material is further re-enforced and strengthened through its double layer fabric design. It even comes with a deliberately shaped “C” handle which can easily be used to carry shopping bags, all manner of machine bags. This handle makes it very easy for a firm grip on the umbrella.

Did you know that the Double Layer Reverse Umbrellas comes in a wide variety of fashionable colors that promises to go along with whatever your fashion taste you require. So, step out in style, step out in functionality while you stay protected from wind, sun, and rain.


  • It is Waterproof
  • It is Resistant to Corrosion
  • It is Rust Resistant
  • It is Wind Resistant
  • It is both Stylish and functional

You never have to worry about getting your carpet/rug wet when you come in from the rain, this special Double Layer Reverse Umbrella permits you to fold up the first layer of the umbrella thereby locking in rainwater droplets that would have otherwise soaked the floor.

What else do you want that the Double Layer Reverse Umbrellas does not have? Go on and place your order today!

Material: Top-Quality Carbon Fiber
Available Colors: It is available in a wide variety of both plain and mixed, colorful designs to choose from.

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