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Dog Training Spray Collar, Waterproof Refillable Essential Oil Citronella Spray, Automatic Anti-Bark Training

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Color: Black/White
Material: ABS
Length: 6.93"/17.6cm
Width: 4.13"/10.5cm
Height: 1.89"/4.8cm

1. This bark collar is designed with automatic bark activation and spray.
2. It is refillable and waterproof, so it can be used normally when dogs are drinking water, or on rainy days.
3. The spray can be adjusted, and external noises do not interfere with the function.
4. You can adjust the sensitivity.
5. The spray uses natural essential oils and does not contain CFCs. It is an environmentally safe product and is harmless to dogs.
6. Gas cylinder capacity is large, the product can spray 32 times when filled, and the gas cylinder can be used for 16 refills.

Package Includes:
1 x dog bark collar

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