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Dish Washing Sponge Glove

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The Dish Washing Sponge Glove is one of the best things to happen on the internet! These cleaning gloves have a sponge that’s built into one of the hands of the gloves so that you can easily clean your dishes without having anything extra to hold on to.

The sponge covers your entire palm and even takes the shape of all 5 of your fingers so that all you have to do is rub your hand on whatever you’re cleaning to get the grime off. Perfect for cleaning grimy dishes, dirty counters, or even filthy children.

The sponge glove not only makes your cleaning duties that much easier but will keep your hands and arms clean in the process. Your skin deserves to stay healthy. Your skin deserves to be loved. Your skin deserves to be beautiful. Keep your hands protected with a pair of Sponge Gloves... or 7


  • Material: Silicone
  • Outer Material: Rubber
  • Total Length: 31 cm