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De-Clog™ Purifying Peel Off Mask

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Peel up, look fab, stay flawless

Without removing dead skin and residue, skincare nutrients can't be absorbed.

Enjoy a mess-free application and the best peel feel ever!

Our low-irritation De-Clog™ Purifying Peel Off Mask removes all residue and flaky skin cells to reveal fresh, beautiful skin!

Features : 

Strong Absorption

De-Clog™ Purifying Peel Off Mask has a great absorption force that can get rid of stubborn blackheads with its effective yet gentle exfoliating and purifying action.

Pore Cleansing Agent

Its advanced formula able to treat acne since it can help remove the excess oil and dirt that clogs pores as well as removing blackheads, whiteheads and blemishes.

Regain Healthy Complexion

Dramatically improves skin's texture by shedding unwanted layers and remove dead skin cells for visibly plumper, radiant, youthful even-toned skin.

Moisture Booster

Moisturizes skin deeply! It provides a moist finish without drying the skin whilst cleansing, hydrates and helps restore skin barrier.

Non-Abrasive Formula

It is gentle enough to use on all skin types and does not cause redness, allergic reactions or skin irritations.

Perfect For All :

It works on all skin types and of course it works just as well on men as it does on women! 

Specifications : 

Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Cladosiphon Okamuranus (Seaweed) Extract, Olive Oil

Net Weight: 80g

Shelf Life: 3 Years

How To Use : 

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