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CureDetox Vital v3

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Sleep & Detoxify!

Eliminate your toxins in a natural way with detox patches for feet!

These foot patches contain a combination of natural herbal substances known to eliminate the toxins we accumulate daily by our breathing and our diet.

They have the property of draining and absorbing toxins accumulated in the body. For proper use, apply to the soles of your feet each evening, then remove on waking.


  • Wash and dry your feet
  • Detach the largest part of the adhesive
  • Place the detox patch on its center, make sure the writing on the patches is facing down on the side of the adhesive surface
  • Glue and spread firmly on the sole of the foot
  • Apply Detox-Feet one hour before bed
  • Wear 8-10 hours and remove the patch, wipe the surface with a wet towel until it is no longer sticky
  • The patches used will appear dark green or gray because they absorb toxins from the body
  • Use each night until the patches fade

"The doctor  who created the product, realized that bamboo vinegar could act as a sponge, a real purifying effect, and ANTI-INFLAMMATORY visible."

The principle is very simple and it is very easy to use, we stick the patches under the feet before going to bed to let them act during sleep.