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Creative Household Cleaning Gloves

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Enough with the traditional way of washing the dishes?

These Creative Household Cleaning Gloves are the 2 in 1 cleaning aid for you. It has a glove with a built-in sponge into it. Why buy 2 kitchen aid if you have this in one sponge glove? The best thing is it's not the only for the kitchen but it could be also used for cleaning the bathroom and more.


  • The left-handed is a regular glove, the right-handed is a sponge attached to each finger.
  • The clean gloves are made of latex for long lasting, repeated using and stick hand comfortable.
  • The cleaning gloves is a great and convenient way to clean dishes or bathroom, and it is easy to control with your fingers, it has multiple uses in the household.
  • Having the sponge on the glove helps you from getting your hands dirty with the protection of the glove.
  • This would make a wonderful gift for a housewarming or kids first apartment.
  • All-in-one for home and kitchen

Package Included: 1 pair * Creative Household Cleaning Gloves