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Cordless Lawn Trimmer

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NO MORE heavy & expensive grass trimmer with long & messy extension cords!

This Cordless Lawn Trimmer is the most user-friendly grass trimmer out in the market which gets your trimming job done in seconds! It's lightweight, powerful, and precise. It will surely become your favorite little helper in the garden!


  • Powerful Trimmer & Edger in ONE!
  • Powerfully clips weeds faster & easier than ever
  • Clean up garden greens in seconds
  • Easy to use: works with any standard zip tie
  • Lightweight Extension Pole: for hard reaching places
  • Extra Safety: Protective Debris Shield is provided
  • NO electricity or gas needed!

Package Includes:

  • 1x Cordless Lawn Trimmer
  • 1x extension pole
  • 1x protective debris shield
  • 24x custom zip ties