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The benefits you will enjoy with Clean™ Portable Bidet:
☑Feel & be more clean & refreshed after a bowel movement
☑Alleviate & prevent anal health issues
​☑Live more eco-friendly by using less toilet paper (or none at all)
​☑Save money on toilet paper expenses (Don't worry about toilet paper shortages!)

Clean™ Portable Bidet



We all want to be hygienic, including down there. And to be "clean". we were taught from a young age to wipe, wipe, and wipe some more with toilet paper.

But this frequent and repetitive action can cause skin break down and thinning, which can lead to tearing, irritations, itchiness, and worst case an infection.

Bringing the Clean™ Portable Bidet into your routine would by-and-large eliminate these negative consequences, while letting you live a more hygienic lifestyle.

The portable bidet is essentially a small water bottle that has a long-necked nozzle that's angled at the end. This way you can fill it up with water, and point it up at your bum to give a good cleansing in lieu of toilet paper after you use the bathroom. Women can also use it after urinating by sticking it through their legs and front. For either use, just give the bottle a squeeze to spray the water out.

Clean™ Portable Bidet

A great idea to have in emergencies, TP shortages, or for use while traveling, the portable bidet bottle, is made from an ABS nozzle and an EVA bottle, and comes in two different sizes (450ml and 600ml). The bidet bottle is super soft and lightweight which makes it super easy to squeeze to get the water to come out of the holes at the end of the nozzle.

Portable Bidet Bottle - Water bottle shaped travel bidet bottle

Here are the full instructions for operating the portable bidet bottle:

  • Fill the portable bidet with cool or warm water and screw the nozzle cap on securely
  • Place a finger on the air lock to prevent the water from leaking, while you turn the bottle upside down
  • When ready with bottle in position, release your finger and allow spray to clean intended area. Adjust grip for desired water flow

Follow the image instructions below for use by women, men, and even babies.

Portable Bidet Bottle - Water bottle shaped travel bidet bottle

Portable Bidet Bottle - Water bottle shaped travel bidet bottle

Portable Bidet Bottle - Water bottle shaped travel bidet bottle

Portable Bidet Bottle - Water bottle shaped travel bidet bottle

Portable Bidet Bottle - Water bottle shaped travel bidet bottle

Live More Eco-Friendly With Live More Eco-Friendly With Clean™ Portable Bidet

Did you know...
Americans alone use an astonishing 100,000,000 rolls of toilet paper every single day in futile attempts to cleanse their bottoms?
And are you aware that it takes roughly:
  • 41,000 trees
  • 1,297,500,000 gallons of water (that's 1.3 BILLION with a B!)
  • 88,000,000 pounds of greenhouse gases...
Every Single Day(!) to make those 100,000,000 rolls of toilet paper?
By making Clean™ Portable Bidet part of your lean-up routine, you'll be cutting your toilet paper usage to just 1 tap instead of however many wipes it currently takes you.

You can even go completely toilet paper-free by using a dedicated towel to dry your crack!

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