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Car Windshield Cover UV Protection

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  Car Windshield 

Say Goodbye to a blast of hot air when getting in your car. No more burning hands on your driving journey.
Get the Ultimate Protection for your car's windshield against sun's heat and harmful UV radiation rays. With our UV Protection Windshield Cover, you can get rid of sun rays and heat with just ONE PULL.
With easy application, the magnetic edge of our windshield cover seals to your car tightly, and ensures you all-year-round best protection!  
It's an easily detachable windshield cover, no more windscreen scratching. With full protection, no more sunburns in hot summer. It can also combat snow and ice in snowy days. 


  •   Protects car from UV rays damage & heat
  •   Reduces interior heat and prevents sunburn or overheat on your skin
  •   Fits tightly & universal size for most vehicles
  •   Easy to put on & take off 
  •   Anti-theft locking features
  •   Get rid of bugs
  •   Made of tough, durable weather resistant PEVA
  •   Waterproof, snow-proof & ice-proof


  •    Material: Aluminium Film 
  • SnowOFF Car Windshield Cover


  •   1  pc x UV Protection Windshield Cover