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Car Net - Pocket Handbag Holder

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Looking For Some Extra Storage?

Introducing the Car Net

Designed to help you store those extra items that everybody has and nobody knows where to put while you're driving. Handbags, Wallets, Purses, Backpacks, easy to reach documents, and much much more!

High-Quality Material

The Car Net is made from a super high-quality flexible lightweight mesh. It's designed to be accessible, clean, and take up the least amount of space as possible while flexing to fit your needs.

Utilize Your Unused Space!

The Car Net is built to completely cover the gap between the front two seats, converting previously unused space into valuable, unintrusive storage. With a universal stretch-fit, the Car Net will work for any vehicle of any make or model.

Also Acts As A Pet Barrier!

SUPER Easy To Access!

Reaching into the backseat is one of the biggest dangers you can make on the road. The Car Net is designed to fix that problem! We reduce distracted driving by maximizing ease-of-access, so you can fetch your items without taking your eyes off the road!

Incredibly Simple Installation

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