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Cake Slicer Holder

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After spending time baking your cake, it’s now time to decorate!

Cake slicing can be a little tricky especially if you need to do it horizontally.

Using this Cake Slice Device helps you create those perfect layers like a seasoned cake decorator!


  • It is compact and easy to clean
  • Select from 5 different layers for preferred thickness
  • Simple to use with just two buttons to secure your knife
  • Use your long serrated cake knife (enough for the size of your cake) without any hassle
  • Create up to 1 inch sized cake layers or even thinner
  • Avoid getting crooked cake layers and get an evenly sliced thickness
  • Perfect for both amateur and professional bakers

    So don’t waste those beautiful cakes and start slicing perfectly. This will be a great addition to your kitchen!

    Package Included: 2 pcs/Pack