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BRB Parking messager

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A Useful Parking Companion!

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to double park due to an emergency and can't find a pen/paper to write down your contact? Well here's a genius lifesaver for you, introducing our BRB Parking messager. This enables you to leave your contact number in a more clear and arrange manner. The bright red color helps people to immediately find your phone number after you parked your car in a parking area. It also comes with an open/close feature that lets you hide when not in use, plus its friendly suction base will not leave any mark/residue on your dashboard after removing.

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Item Type: Stickers
Sticker Type: 3D Sticker
Item Length: 11.9cm
Item Height: 3cm
Material Type: Plastic
Design: Words
Sticker Placement: Internal
Item Width: 3.6cm
Category: Parking Card