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Reusable Trays,Food Preservation Tray

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Reusable Trays, Food Preservation Tray

You like to cook and then delight your family and friends? Maybe, they don't have the possibility to try it right after you made it, but! We have a solution for this. Our seal storage clever tray saves taste and smell for a longer time. It is an amazing assistant in solving your everyday kitchen issues. Open the container and put a piece of meat or fish, close it with the vacuum lid. With additional films, you are able to use our magic elastic fresh tray a lot of times and easily clean it. Your food and products after the banquet or party will save freshness and smell for a long time, and vacuum film will save food for a longer time. Our product will be an amazing gift to housewives or parents. So keep products fresh with our dreams food preservation tray and enjoy its simplicity and functionality as it can be not only elastic food preservation tray but also a container to bring food. We have so many variations of stickers so that you can always find the one that you need - for tasty meat or fish, maybe for a piece of pizza or vegetables. So don't waste time, let your neighbors jealous, and you will be able to use all functions of such an amazing product.


  • Food grade material: Creative food-grade food trays are made of high-quality food-grade and BPA-free plastic. It is not only heat-resistant but also safe under freezing conditions. Whether it is placed in a refrigerator or dishwasher, it is safe and stable. Protect the health of you and your family at all times. The meal preparation container has excellent penetration resistance and pressure resistance, which is your ideal choice.
  • Stackable, suitable for all kinds of flat food: The food preservation plate is suitable for placing foods with a thickness of less than 5 cm, such as cooked food, cheese, fish, meatloaf, steak, bread slices, vegetables,s and fruit slices. Equipped with a sealed lid, suitable for pre-seasoning meat and then freezing, which can prevent food from deforming and sticking.
  • Excellent design: There is a buckle design around the tray, which can more easily seal the food, easy to use, can lock the food firmly to prevent overflow, suitable for parties, camping, etc. In addition, with a stackable design, you can stack the trays to help save space and keep the refrigerator tidy.
  • Keep food fresh: There is an elastic film on the lid of the food preservation tray, which can prevent the food from being exposed to air or dust and keep the food for a longer time. The newer buckle design enhances the sealing effect and makes the food tray have better fresh-keeping performance. In addition, the elastic membrane has good ductility and durability, which means you can store more food in it.
  • Durable and dishwasher safe: Our healthy, sealed smart storage tray is easy to clean in the dishwasher. (Just separate the tray and lower it for cleaning). If the upper layer of the plastic wrap is in use for a period of time If it is damaged, it can be replaced in time. Just open the hook at the red bottom and replace it with household plastic wrap.

    High-Quality Material

    It is not only heat resistant but also safe under freezing conditions. Using a high-quality and thicker design, the tray has the ability to withstand drops and scratches.


    The tray adopts advanced elastic film. Unlike disposable plastic wrap, this elastic film is not easy to break and can be used multiple times, but sharp food is not recommended.

    Space Saving

    The vacuum food crisper can be stacked to save space in the freezer, small refrigerator, and kitchen. It can also be used for picnic parties to prevent dust pollution. It is suitable for preserving fish, meat, steak, vegetables, and fruits.

    Healthy and Fresh

    The food storage tray with an elastic film cover adopts an innovative design and the sealing effect is very good, the liquid will not overflow, and the food can be kept fresh and healthy

    Easy to Clean

    The tray is very easy to clean and safe to use in the dishwasher; to clean the elastic cover, just wipe it gently with some soft clothes.


    Earth’s Dreams magic elastic Food preservation tray has a leak-proof lid that can keep your food fresh for a long time and can avoid your food exposing to air or dust, it is the best tool for the kitchen, camping, parties and also suitable for refrigerated cabinets

    Our Healthy Seal Storage Clever tray has a flexible and durable film that is cleanable and reusable. Place food with a thickness of less than 5cm like charcuterie, cheese, vegetables, meats, fruits, fishes, and slices.

    ❤ Suitable for refrigerating cabinets, small refrigerators, and other facilities.
    ❤ Multiple overlaying, saving space, and more convenient.
    ❤ The buckle design makes it easy to seal food.
    ❤ Keep your food fresh for a long time.
    ❤ Suitable for all occasions, whether it is to carry out or party use, is a great choice.

    Magic technology elastic filmenvironmental protection, anti-pollution, convenient cleaning. Reusable, from now on refuse to use disposable plastic packaging and plastic bags. Protect the environment and the health of your family.


    1. Magic technology elastic film, environmental protection, anti-pollution, convenient cleaning. Reusable
    2.environmental health food grade PP material, with a certain degree of resistance to penetration and compression, buckle design, so as to achieve the perfect sealing of food.
    3.Multiple overlaying, saving space, and more convenient. suitable for refrigerated cabinets, small refrigerators, etc., to fully meet your daily needs.
    4.Suitable for all occasions, whether it is to carry out a picnic or party use, is a great choice.
    5.Keep your food fresh for a long time. Bring you a healthy life


    Clever Tray is an easy way to keep your food fresher for longer and stops you from wasting money on cling film and tin foil. This ingenious food preservation tray is safe, durable, and less wasteful for the environment and your pocket. The secret is the resistant film lid that pushes the air from the tray, keeping its contents fresher for longer. Simply place your food in the bottom section of the Clever Tray, cover, and click. It gets rid of the air, instantly sealing in your food. It’s perfect for any kind of food: seafood, raw meat, cheese, fish, fruits, and more, and it’s stackable meaning it will save you space in the fridge.


    Clever Tray has a unique ultra-resistant stretchy silicone lid that is so durable not even a fork can break it, and it can wrap and seal around odd-shaped, bulky items like half an avocado, but flexible enough that it won’t squash or flatten soft food like salmon or boiled eggs. PLUS, the air-tight seal means that fruit and veg won’t spoil or go brown. This means that it gives you all the see-through, flexible qualities of cling-film and the rigidity of tin foil, but it’s super-strong and totally reusable, meaning less waste, less cost on buying wrapping that you’re going to throw away, and less hassle and time trying to work with flimsy, hard-to-control, torn pieces of film and foil.


    With a clear lid that lets you instantly see what’s being stored, Clever Tray is the perfect way to keep food, like leftovers, fruit, meat, and vegetables in perfect, fresh condition. But Clever Tray is far more than just a way to preserve food in your fridge. The clever design means that it works as both a way to store food AND a way to serve it. Prepare your appetizers in advance and serve them directly on the tray! They're perfect for picnics, birthday parties, celebrations, and even camping. The preservation qualities of Clever Tray mean your food is fresh and ready to eat wherever you want it.