Big Rushed Mirror Clock Wall Sticker

Big Rushed Mirror Clock Wall Sticker

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3D design that pops out from your wall

If you have an empty wall that needs a cool centerpiece, this 3d wall clock has a designed that pop out and makes a bold statement. Each piece has a self adhesive back allowing it to adhere to any wall in your house creating a unique clock. This is definitely a step out of your boring conventional wall clocks. This sticker clock covers a wide area of your wall and provides an aesthetically pleasing decor. Choose from a wide range of colors that will compliment your home. 



Type: Wall Clocks
Diameter: 100 cm
Length: 1000 mm
Motivity Type: Quartz
Applicable Placement: Balcony/ Courtyard
Width: 100 cm
Combination: Multi-piece set
Shape: Circular
Display Type: Needle
Style: Modern
Form: Single Face
Weight: 480 g
Pattern: Abstract
Minute hand: 39cm / 15.3"
Hour hand: 31.5cm /12.4"
Clock machine: 10cm/ 3.9"
Battery: 1.5V AA battery(1 piece)
Number size: about 9*10cm
Number Thickness: about 6-8mm
Item Weight: 0.500 kg