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Bathroom Grip Handle

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Anti-Slip! Secure! Reliant!

Lift Yourself Out Of The Bath With Certainty!


Americans sustained nearly 240,000 nonfatal bathroom injuries in 2008, according to the CDC. 81.1% of those injuries were caused by falls. How many falls do you think we're in or around the bathtub or shower? Certainly, the correct answer would be nearly all. By including one simple product - our Safety Rail - you can rescue your loved ones from avoidable harm.

  • SECURITY THAT LASTS - With our locking latch technology, this grab bar can strongly attach to any flat, non-porous surface, such as TILE, ACRYLIC, GLASS & FIBERGLASS.

  • SIMPLE, TOOL-FREE INSTALLATION - You will never require tools or drilling of any kind. It's as simple as flipping the locking latches to secure your bar in place.

  • NON-SLIP GRASP - Whether its arthritic hands who need a little help or those tiny toddler mitts, our non-slip grip provides any user with additional assistance by maintaining the hands on the bar where they belong.

  • TRAVELS WITH YOU - Because our bath bar needs no lasting installation, you are free to take your Bathroom Safety Rail with you, anywhere you travel. It fits perfectly in any 12” x 4” x 4” space you can free up. Its size is only 30 x 12cm, so amazing for any space.

  • FAMILY SAFETY - We back every product that we sell because we know how important it is to keep you and your family healthy.


  • Flip switch down to lock and up to unlock.

  • Handy and awesome for traveling.

  • Not constructed to hold the users wait for longer periods of time.

  • A helping hand for those who battle to navigate themselves in the bathroom.


  • Post surgery healing

  • Kids’ bath time

  • Everyday convenience

  • Daily fall avoidance 

  • Shaving your legs