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Baseboard Buddy

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Clean without having to worry about back aches


Let your baseboard look like the day you painted without the additional costs. This cleaning tool makes it simple for you, simply walk around and slide your way with the bottom paddy cleaner. Just hold the handle and let the microfiber cleaning pad do all the rest. Made with ultra cushion that is shaped to completely clean the surface. The curved head design fits your baseboard without scratching or damaging the paint. With a 360 degree rotation capability that makes it possible to clean the baseboard from any angle.

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Product Materials: Aluminum + plastic + microfiber pad
Product Size: Tube length 30cm
Product Size: Maximum length: 135CM
Color box size: 12.5 * 32 * 8 cm
Diameter: 2CM
Brush: 11 * 8 * 1.5CM