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Back Bolster

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Sit Back,  Relax, and Be Relief!

Long hours sitting on your working table might give you lower and upper back pain later. Relieve yourself from pain and try to correct your posture even when lying down and taking a rest. The Back Bolster is an instant relief from stiffness without going into a massage therapist. This is a tool that your body has been missing. 

This stretchable and comfortable back massaging tool is effective at improving your posture, back spine, health, flexibility, and strength without doing any physical movement. The secret is it has forceful magnets which penetrate pressure to stimulate the proper blood flow. It is also an ideal back massager while you are in the office and car.

Try this Back Bolster now and be amazed by the result!


Application: Waist
Material: ABS
Size: Medium
Item Type: Massage & Relaxation