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Auto Lock Phone Holder

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Go for a stress-free and safe driving while using your phone at the same time with this Auto Lock Phone Holder. When you got a car and a smartphone, you gotta have this, too! Find out why.

Ever experienced the hassle of wanting to use your phone’s navigation app but can’t seem to find a good way to attach it on your car without taking your attention away from the road? This common scenario among car owners is often dangerous. It can be an accident waiting to happen!

But, enough said, here’s a great solution for you! This is a must-have for every busy and techie car owner.

  • Auto Lock and Release Gravity Linkage Technology — Mount and remove your phone fast and easy when needed.
  • User-Friendly One Hand Operation
  • Solid Mount and Strong Grip — Doesn’t budge or move even on rough roads.
  • Wide Compatibility — Can be used with most smartphones.
  • Rotary Ball Joint Design for 360° Multi-Angle Viewing
  • Built with 3 strong arms to firmly hold phone.
  • Scratch-proof Silicone Pad Clip
  • 10 Times More Durable Silicone Plug
  • Comes with Reserved Charging Port where the charging cable can be simply inserted to your device.
  • Easy to Use and Install — Just put it on to car air vents and mount phone!
  • The best and most convenient mount when using your smartphone’s GPS/navigation tracker.
  • Keeps your eyes and attention on the road while your phone is safely mounted.
  • Sleek and stylish design that looks great in ANY car interior!
  • Makes the perfect gift for you and your techie friends!

This Auto Lock Phone Holder lets you enjoy an enhanced driving experience without having to worry about your phone. Now that your device is conveniently mounted at your easy reach, your focus and attention won’t be taken away from the road ahead. Nothing beats a good phone mount when driving and not wanting to be separated from your device even for just a second!