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Areca Palm Indoor/Outdoor Air Purifier Live Plant Live Palm not Fake

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Areca Palm Indoor/Outdoor

Description: Growing an areca palm tree indoors is ideal because it grows very slowly and thrives in bright, indirect light and cramped space with its clustered palms that resemble bamboo. With origins from Madagascar and South India, this palm's natural climate is subtropic, which can be imitated indoors. Once and endangered, species the Areca palm has become one of the world's most recognizable plants.

Our Areca Palm Tree planting bases are in Europe and the United States, and will be shipped nearby. We will ensure that the goods are delivered to your home in a complete and healthy manner.

Love this plant!!! It is a real tree!!I bought two of them. They come in a very small planter so I put them in a large planter and I’m going to weight it down with some rock and put some fake moss on the top. Looks really nice on my deck. They needed a little fluffing but it was very easy. The best part, they don’t need to be watered or pruned.--A Customer Review

  •   A beautiful palm tree can really enhance the look of your home or office, and this gorgeous Areca Palm Tree will be a striking addition to either. It sports a natural-looking trunk and more than 130 leaves, ready to dance in the wind. It's perfect for any room or office decor. This palm tree will let you feel the presence of nature. All seasons are green.

  •   Heat up any dull space with this lovely Asian goddess. Straight from the tropics, this exotic silk Areca palm makes a great conversation piece. Standing 30 inches tall, it’s sure to demand the attention of all who enter the room. Slender wispy alternating leaves cover each carefully crafted stem. A stylish wicker basket filled with artificial moss is all the attention this breathtaking tree requires.

  •   Use palms to break up a section of a blank wall, to fill an empty corner, to soften the edges of windows or furniture, or act as a living sculpture at the end of a side table

  •   Areca palm tree can well absorb harmful gases in the home, such as formaldehyde, etc., can clean the air well, so that you can breathe fresh air every day.

  •   BEAUTIFUL FINISH: A Combination of Premium Fiddle Leaf Leaves and Tropical Grasses have Been Included in The Base Of The Tree. A BONUS Plant Pot Skirt is not only Beautiful, it's Bio-Degradable. The Areca Palm Tree is like Fashion for Your Plant Pot will complete the Deluxe look in your Home or Office.



Product information

Product Dimensions: 30 inches 

Item Weight:12 Pounds

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer:  No

Finish Types: Green

Number of Pieces:1x Areca Palm Tree