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Relax Both Your Physical and Psychological 

AntiqueScent™ is a set of Incense Burner Kit. The exquisite burner has been carefully handcrafted with beautiful, glazed ceramic. Comes with 2 types of variations which are coil incense and incense powder. Both scented incense specially handmade of Sandalwood. 

From astrology to medicine and magic, Sandalwood boasts many properties our ancestors have been studying for ages. It is part of every cure, I promise! 

Sandalwood can stop anticipation, apprehension, and anxiety in its steps because it connects with the muscles and nerves in the body. If you smoke a sandalwood incense and meditate for a few moments, your anxiety will disappear. Do that before sleep and your insomnia will vanish too!

What Sandalwood Can Do?

✅ Reduce stress and Relieves Anxiety

✅ Enhances Sleep Quality

✅ Lowers Blood Pressure

✅ Stimulate creativity

✅ Meditation

✅ Increase Focus

✅ Air purification

✅ Heals Wound

Quick Features:

  • No Half Burned Cones: The high-quality ceramic incense burner is designed to ensure that your incense cone burns all the way through. No more half burned cones or wasting time trying to re-light a partially burned cone. It's the perfect ceramic aromatherapy furnace
  • Looks Great in Any Room:The elegant design elevates the ambiance of any room. It’s large enough to be admired but small enough to fit in almost any space. Use it in your meditation room, office, living room, or even an outdoor patio. It creates the perfect ambiance
  • Stylish Gift: It's a one-of-a-kind gift that's perfect for birthdays, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, baby showers, housewarming's and more

Package Included: 1 Incense Burner + 1 box of Incense Powder (50 g) / 1 box of coil incense (48 pcs)