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Anti Gravity Paint Tray

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Paint with No Spill and  Less Mess

There is no room for mess, drips and spills with this Anti-Gravity Paint Tray and eventually cut the time you spent for preparation and cleanup, reduce wasted paint. It has an anti-gravity feature that enables you to turn it up to 180-degree without dripping or spilling your paint. Fill it in with 12 oz of paint and it will automatically even it out so it is easy for you to load your brush with paint. You can fill it with 6 different colors of paint without mixing them up that makes it an excellent tool for canvas painting, wall or mural. Washing this paint tray won't be your problem after using it. It is made of PVC material that can be easily cleaned up and does not let the paint to stick hard. 

Fill, paint and wash. Everything becomes easy when you use this Anti-Gravity Paint Tray!

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Product Dimensions: 14 x 12 x 1.5 inches
Material: PVC
Color: Black
Usage: Painting
Shape: Round
Type: Anti Gravity Paint Tray Palette