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Adjustable Magnetic Gauge Tool

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Check and Adjust The Camber and
Caster Angle For A Safety Drive

Adjustable Magnetic Gauge Tool is a convenient tool that do magnetic attach and measure the Camber and Caster angle on the wheel hub or brake disc. The main function of this gauge tool is allow adjustment to maintain correct wheel alignment and prevent tire from getting untimely worn out. 

It is also a useful tool to maintain the correct Camber settings after dismantling and re-assembling the suspension. Not only maintain correct alignment, it even save money by reducing tire wear with a simple correction to the camber and caster angle.


  • Magnetic gauge attaches to the wheel hub or brake disc
  • Easy to read and convenient to operate
  • Suitable for accurate checking of the castor and camber angle
  • Allows adjustment to maintain correct wheel alignment and even tire wear
  • Has a simple leveling adjustment from -5 degrees to 5 degrees
  • Allows to return the strut to the original camber position after dismantling and re-assembling the suspension
  • Allows to check the amount of camber change before re-installing
  • Time and money saving

How to use:

  1. Remove the wheel alignment sensor (Clip tool), remove the tire;
  2. Place the magnetic gauge carefully on the side of the wheel;
  3. The water level was adjusted to zero;
  4. Install the required positioning specific parts;
  5. Use a special tool, with the degree of magnetic level gauge indication, adjust the positioning of the part to the desired measurement angle.
  6. Retest with tool If there is a little deviation, just to fine-tune the vehicle. (Usually a slight deviation does not cause fault positioning)


  • Color: Silver
  • Size: 12.7 x 5cm/ 5'' x 1.97'' (L*D)
  • Weight: 0.28kg