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Side Sticker,Door Handle Guard, Car Accessory

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Side Sticker, Door Handle Guard, Car Accessory

Door Cup protection not only prevents scratching the nails when opening and closing the door but also durable & super good looking!

  • ANTI-SCRATCH, ANTI CORROSION, ANTI-FOULING FILM: Protecting your door cups is fast and simple with our Door Cup Paint Protection film which is made of carbon fiber material. No more scratches to the door handle cups
  • PACK OF 8 SCRATCH PROTECTION FILM: Universal fit for your car, truck, auto vehicles. Stickers are self-adhesive and are strong enough to stay in your car for a long time. Won’t fall off easily, will keep your door cups looking like new, without changing the appearance in any weather
  • 100% WATERPROOF, ANTI-RADIATION, DURABLE: All films are fully waterproof, self-adhesive, easy to install, UV Sun radiations do not damage or change the colors, and are perfect car paint protection film that retains its durability even after years.
  • NEW FASHION TRENDS, ELEGANT LOOKS: Add a little Contrast to your vehicle door with elegant bright-looking door handle cups and stand out in the competition.
  • 3D CARBON FIBER TEXTURE VINYL STICKERS: The package includes 8x 3-Darbon fiber stickers (2 front + 2 rear) for 2 Cars. Give your partner an awesome gift and a beautiful look to the car.

    Afraid of getting scratches on your handle cup? Worry no more! We got your handle cup covered with this Car Door Handle Cup ProtectorSave money and less worry for any scratches and paint chipping. You will surely enjoy its unique design and removablewon’t leave any residue.


    This protection vinyl film will keep your vehicle's appearance by protecting its paint from chipping, scratching on your door handle paint. The protection vinyl film durablesuitable for any vehicle. With high viscosity and strong wear resistance, this film will surely give you peace of mind for your handle cup.


    1. Suitable for all types of vehicles – With its universal fitment, it can fit any type of vehicle including yours.
    2. Strong wear – Durable and scratch resistance, this will surely protect your handle cup 100%.
    3. Cost-saving – No more worrying about having your vehicle repainted, with this, you can save money and use it on other expenses instead.
    4. Removable – It won’t leave any sticky residue once removed.
    5. Easy to install – Since it’s pre-cut, you can easily install it on your door cup handle.


    -Protect the door handles from scrapes and scratches.
    -Good toughness and strong scratch resistance. Every time the door is opened and closed, it will bring no small damage to the door handle.
    -Keep the paint around the door handle away from scratch with the help of high-quality protective film.
    -Waterproof, Self-Adhesive, Heat Resist
    -Flexible for curves and bumps
    -Prevent scratches and protects the paint on your car
    -Does not damage the car body surface
    -Easy to install, it just takes several minutes to stick and will prevent scratching for your vehicle
    -Easy to remove without damaging the vehicle's surface or leaving residue behind
    -Provide superior strength and amazing softness
    -Best wide-angle reflection performance. Maintain a good performance even at a larger incident angle

    How to install:
    1. Clean car door handle cup and let it dry
    2. Tear off the protector film from the adhesive backing
    3. Stick film onto the cup and adjust the perfect position

    Package Content:
    8 x Car handle film

    -Please make sure there is no residue or dust and must be dry before sticking.
    -Try not to touch the back glue, a one-time laminating, do not repeatedly move.
    -After sticking it, press it moderately to make sure there is no air between the reflective sticker and the bonding position.
    -Do not wash the car within 7 days after installation
    -Do not wax the car before installation; adhesive stickers won’t stick properly